Monday, 30 April 2012

Grounds for a Divorce in The Bahamas

Grounds for Divorce

Divorce is a painful experience that affects the entire immediate family of the spouses as well as that of the extended families. Divorce can be civil as well as very brutal it depends upon the situation. Irregardless of the reason why a particular spouse may require a divorce from the other, that reason must aligned itself with the grounds for divorce in accordance with  the Matrimonial Causes Act, Section 16. The grounds are:

  • Adultery
  • Desertion from the other spouse for a period of no less that two years at the time of the Petition
  • Living apart from spouse for a period of at least five years at the time of the Petition
  • Spouse has engaged in sodomy or a homosexual act or had sexual relations (intercourse) with an animal since the celebration of the marriage or
  • the wife may file for a divorce if her husband has been found guilty of  Rape since the celebration of the marriage.
Since this has become a very popular but rather contentious area of Bahamian law we will expand upon this area of law fully in order that you may have a good understanding of this law and to assist you in making intelligent decisions. You are reminded that a divorce will affect the lives of your children, therefore, it is always better to seek counselling before you make that final decision of no return.

We have linked to the Bahamas Matrimonial Causes Act, so that you may read it carefully and educate yourself on all relevant points of this law. Here is the link .

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  1. my husband was serve with a legal separation child support and alimoy summons from me because he had neglect and abanded us for 9months we went to court for those hearing child suport was granted and legal separation and alimoy was threwn out because my husbands lawyer said that they are going stright to the divorce i as serve with the petion 2wks ago and it clearly stated that i will have to pay both lawyer fees is this even possible

  2. My husband left me and our kids 4 yrs 7 months now he says he wants a divorce but will not go forth with the proceedings he is living with his girlfriend and now that am not working anymore he decided he wants to take the kids from me to live with his girlfriend who has two kids which is not his own and he stopped paying the rent for where we were living i don't have a job and no source of income even to hire a lawyer what do i do how can you help email a responds at thank you kindly

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  5. My husband left me for 14 years and i took him back and in the married he got two children I got attack by both one of the child and my husband I don't work can I get wife maintenance

  6. My husband left me for 14 years and i took him back and in the married he got two children I got attack by both one of the child and my husband I don't work can I get wife maintenance

  7. My husband committed adultery and now the girl is pregnant what rights do I have can I take the child from the mother when it is born if it is proven that the child belongs to my husband

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